Hiring Chef Staff for the Holidays

When hiring a chef staff for the holidays

Temporary Chef StaffingWhen you need a temporary chef staff for the holidays to pamper family and guests you should look into hiring some temporary staffing services the chef  will take the pressure off you while pleasing your palate at the end of your gathering. If you have a large household, large staff, numerous houses, unique dietary demands, or frequently host dinner visitors or large events, then an individual chef is a must. Our temporary chefs and kitchen help pride themselves on preparing meals that are fresh, healthy, and delicious foods for the holidays. Your private, in-home temporary chef staff is also available for other times of the year. Many of them work as line cooks and  culinary prep for a catered events. They will work with you to set up your holiday feast from beginning to end. Your chef will be accountable for all menu planning, buying, food preparation, and managing food expenses.

Our chef staff will attend to your unique nutritional demands whether they are relative to spa, vegan, vegetarian, and kosher. Most staffing services don’t offer this service, they stick to kitchen help and line cooks. temp-chef-in-your=kitchen
Here at Staffing Unlimited We Have CHEF’S
Our temporary personal chef staff will overwhelm you with a variety of world cuisine such as classical, French, Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian, and Indian. Many of our personal chefs are officially trained, and they enjoy supporting unique holiday occasions big,small, formal or casual. Depending on the amount of cooking your household needs, many of our chefs provide other house abilities. In addition, if you need a chef for an unique occasional, vacation, or event, contact us (link to Contact page); we can assign a temporary line cook and an individual temporary chef staff to support your temporary needs.

  • Our personal chefs generally carry out the following jobs:.
  • Produce menus for daily meals, casual supper celebrations, and huge formal gatherings.
  • Investment all food products, looking for the freshest components.
  • Bake fresh breads, desserts, and treats for kids!
  • Keep the cupboard and refrigerator equipped.
  • Assist you to plan your dinner party.
  • Perform amusing in numerous locations on the estate.
  • Handle and stock wine storage, coordinating food and wine choice.
  • Preserve an inventory and track food costs.
  • Take note of visitors’ preferences.
  • Produce and maintain a home directory, tracking all nutritional constraints and choices.
  • Prepare unique meals to adhere to dietary limitations.
  • Help household members maintain their diet or food strategy.
  • Develop and create the table and setups.
  • Ensure the kitchen area is safe and sanitary at all times.
  • Preserve a cooking area garden.
  • We’re prepared to assist with your estate staffing needs.


Our Professional Chef staff who work in private residences rates are $40 per hour and a four hour minimum assignment.

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