Hire A Private Bartender

Planning a special occasion or party?

Hire A Private Bartender

Hire A Private BartenderWorking with a personal Event Planner is a great option to provide a hassle-free planning of your event, Now if your going to have alcoholic beverages you need to make sure you Hire A Private Bartender to serve the beverages. This will keep your special occasion a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Remove the anxiety and enjoy yourself while an exclusive bartender for hire handles all the demands of you and your guests. There are numerous options readily available and Unlimited Event Staffing Service is among the premiere San Francisco bartending services covering every little thing from private celebrations to enormous public events and anything in between all at affordable prices.


Private Bartending services can remove a lot of stress and free you up to enjoy your event just like your guests. Our bartenders handle everything; You need something? Just Ask! and Unlimited Event Staffing Service employees will handle any issues that arise we are at your event to guarantee all of our services meet your needs.

No matter how busy the event is you can your count on the Professional Bartender Service of U.E.S. while you concentrate on other details. The Founder and owner of U.E.S. brings 25 years of bartending and service experience along with the management abilities to the mix. We have  provided services to a broad array of customers over the years. We continually preach to our employees 110% this means take care of the customer and then do more. The goal is to provide you with the finest services readily available for you and your guests. Some of the services you should anticipate when hiring a private bartending service are:.

  • Set up the bars where the customer needs them in a clean and well organized manner.
  • Give your bartenders the job who are experienced with your kind of event.
  • Supply all wine and bottle openers needed and other bar devices when requested by the customer.
  • Break down the bar and leave the location clean and organized as per the client before departure.

While we do not supply or sell alcohol, We will consult you on your needs and the requirements of your supply and suggest cash and carry stores in the area who will be able to provide the need selection of alcohol need to run the bar effectively. We also offer full liquor liability coverage to protect against an alcohol related mishap.

Unlimited Event Staffing Service offers all this along with diversely skilled bartenders. Long times of experience in various venues assist ensure you will have the very best quality of service available. Our bartenders are experienced at working weddings, fundraisers, holiday and special occasion parties among others and have the capability to handle numerous things simultaneously at solitary events to offer for a smooth function for you.

Unlimited’s Bartenders are required to have, and training is offered in, TIPS certification (training intervention procedures). This is a plus as well as what clients want to see when they hire a bartending service.

UES has a reliable, credible, excellent bartender service whose rates include labor, expertise, alcohol liability insurance and some rental equipment ( requires special agreement ). Your event will benefit from having very experienced, fully insured bartenders who create a safe, stylish and pleasurable experience for you and your guests.

Hire A Private Bartender Today.


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