How to Hire Good Wait Staff for Your Event

How to Hire Good Wait Staff for Your Event

When you are ready to hire wait staff for your event, look for servers who have experience and good communications skills. If you can find good wait staff that have worked events (preferably some with a similar concept as yours) and can communicate easily with your customers and the rest of your staff, then you will have an easy time training and managing them. The best servers can think on their feet, don’t get flustered when things are hectic and have the ability to sell your services without being pushy or overbearing. Take your time when interviewing and hiring your wait staff and look for these qualities:

  • Experience: Look for servers who have some experience in your type of establishment. A great server in a quiet pub may not have the temperament to handle the fast pace of a busydance club. Experienced wait staff also understand the different types of liquor, how drinks are made and how to work with your bartender and kitchen staff.
  • Communications skills: Good servers are like good bartenders – they are personable but able to maintain a certain detachment that keeps them focused on delivering drinks and food and getting the right orders to the right customers on time. Communication skills will also extend to other employees, which can be important on really busy nights when everyone is wearing different hats.
  • Reliability: It’s hard to screen for a person’s reliability, although you should contact previous managers or references and ask about work habits. It is critical that your servers be on time and ready to work with a positive attitude. Your business will suffer greatly if you are constantly short staffed.
  • Hospitality skills: Good wait staff posses the right skills to understanding table settings, bar etiquette and how to take an order. They should also have the ability to sell – drinks, menu items and entertainment. Hospitality skills are developed with both experience and training, so be sure to properly train new servers with the way you wants things done at your bar.

Make sure every person who interacts with a customer offers:

  • The ability to communicate and express himself /herself
  • A natural friendliness and enjoyment to be serving people
  • A desire to put his/her best foot forward for your restaurant

If you hire a server that does not adapt to your style or live up to your expectations, you can either re-train him or let him go. You can’t afford to hold on to people who aren’t able to give your customers the best experience at your bar. Be prepared for turnover – both voluntary and involuntary. If you take care during the hiring process, then you will be rewarded with a great wait staff as your bar business takes off.

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