Planning Your Bartender Service Needs

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Unlimited Event Staffing

can help with the planning of your bartender service needs. One of the 1st decisions to make is the planning of the beverage menu and to suggest methods for you to save on the cost of your event by creating ideas to persuade a guest to choose from a beverage menu which is set up to save money and reduce resources. This lets guests know what is readily available and exactly what is not. The menu can set the tone for the party by presenting unusual cocktails, Enticing guests to try something brand-new. Our basic bar and beverage services are available for most events. However a custom quote sometimes is better. When we give a custom quote we will get a better understanding of what your needs are and the event we are working at. We are then able to make a better quote detailing some of the missed items hopefully making the client very pleased.

Our TIPS-certified bartenders for hire keep track of under-age drinking and manage the quantity of consumption of your party guests. We will manage any circumstance that can arise from a guest who has consumed too much and insists on driving his/her car  home, or even that party-stopping spill that occurred on the dance floor.

Unlimited Event Staffing will be in touch with you throughout the planning process to perfect the logistics of your special event. We will modify your event based on the amount of guests attending and your guests ages. We will customize the beverages, the celebration style, and any preferences relating to beer and wine. If you’re undecided about what to serve, we can provide recommendations for you based on the event. We will also give you suggestions on ways to equip  and setup the bar, and recommendations on the amount of alcohol and ice to have on hand for our bartenders.

Our bartenders prepare to serve at any celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every one of our bartenders are professional and will ensure a wonderful experience for you and your visitors!

All of our bartenders  come equipped ready to work with his/her own bar tools (strainer, corkscrew, shaker, garnish knife and so on) however we will not provide glassware, mixers, or alcohol. Per hour charges are based on services asked for and whether gratuities will be enabled at the event. The Bartenders are only interested in making your event an incredible celebration.

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