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How to Hire Good Wait Staff for Your Event

How to Hire Good Wait Staff for Your Event When you are ready to hire wait staff for your event, look for servers who have experience and good communications skills. If you can find good wait staff that have worked events (preferably some with a similar concept as yours) and can communicate easily with your customers and the […]

Golden Beach Sangria | Summer Wedding Alcoholic Beverage

Golden Beach Sangria, This comes to us from the makers of alize Mix together 1 oz. Alizé Gold Passion and 1 oz. white wine (I used riesling). Slice fresh peaches and let soak in a mixture of Alizé and wine. Chill. Just before serving, add 1 oz. lemon lime soda. Serve in a wine glass […]

Hire A Private Bartender

Planning a special occasion or party? Hire A Private Bartender Working with a personal Event Planner is a great option to provide a hassle-free planning of your event, Now if your going to have alcoholic beverages you need to make sure you Hire A Private Bartender to serve the beverages. This will keep your special […]